Sports psychology


“Broad pervasive ways of relating to particular types of people or situations.” Describes what aspect of personality?




 1. Extraversion


  2. Behavior


  3. Agreeableness


  4. Peak Performance


  5. Dispositions




2 points  


Question 2




“Balance between Task Structure and Relationship Motivation dependent on the situation” Describes what theory of leadership


Answer   1. Life-Cycle


  2. Behavioral


  3. Trait


  4. Mediational


  5. Contingency




2 points  


Question 3




Coach Simmons doesn’t yell very often in practice or games. He is very positive and focused on giving positive verbal feedback for individual accomplishments. Each week, he sets a goal for the team to achieve and has a pizza party for the team if they achieve it. What leadership style does Coach Simmons demonstrate?


Answer   a. Democratic


  b. Autocratic


  c. Behaviorist


  d. Humanitarian


  e. Dictatorship




2 points  


Question 4




Which type of goal is based upon standards of performance that focus on the procedure in which the performer will engage during performance


Answer   1. Specific


  2. Process


  3. Short-term


  4. Performance


  5. Outcome




2 points  


Question 5




Of the types of regulation of external motivation, which one has the highest degree of athlete self-determination?


Answer   1. Identified Regulation


  2. Introjected Regulation


  3. External Regulation


  4. All these types of regulation have the same degree of self determination


  5. Neither of these have anything to do with extrinsic motivation




2 points  


Question 6




An athlete who bases their self-esteem on performance outcomes will be prone to “Fear of Failure”


Answer  True


 False .


1 points   


Question 7




The democratic leadership style is the most efficient and illcits very quick and timely decisions.


Answer  True


 False .


1 points  


Question 8




When athletes are allowed to have a say in the decision making process on a team, a negative team climate is created.


Answer  True


 False .


1 points  


Question 9




When setting goals for athletes you should focus only on performance based goals.


Answer  True


 False .


1 points  


Question 10




Tangent rewards for athletic accomplishments are more motivational if they serve an information function rather than a controlling function.


Answer  True


 False .


1 points  


Question 11




Match the stages of team development to their description


Answer  – A. B. C. D.  Storming


Read Answer Items for Question 11 


 – A. B. C. D.  Norming


Read Answer Items for Question 11 


 – A. B. C. D.  Forming


Read Answer Items for Question 11 


 – A. B. C. D.  Performing


Read Answer Items for Question 11 


 Answer A. Testing and Familiarizing


B. Cooperation and Respect


C. Mature Closeness and Goal Direction


D. Positioning and status competition






4 points  


Question 12




The acronym SMART was used to describe the five most important characteristics of a proper goal. What do the letters in SMART stand for? S  M  A  R  T .


5 points  


Question 13




Match the roles players may take on a team with their description


Answer  – A. B. C. D. E. F.  Positive Leader


Read Answer Items for Question 13 


 – A. B. C. D. E. F.  Negative Leader


Read Answer Items for Question 13 


 – A. B. C. D. E. F.  Follower


Read Answer Items for Question 13 


 – A. B. C. D. E. F.  Isolate


Read Answer Items for Question 13 


 – A. B. C. D. E. F.  Scapegoat


Read Answer Items for Question 13 


 – A. B. C. D. E. F.  Clown


Answer A. Blame taker


B. Personal agenda, anti-coach


C. Models the leader


D. Removed, different from the rest


E. Attention seeker


F. Facilitator






6 points  


Question 14




Describe 3 benefits of athletes following a ritual or routine   .


5 points  


Question 15


 Identify 3 strategies to prevent or minimize the fear of failure in your athletes




Choose one of the three theories of leadership: Contingency Life-Cycle Mediational Describe this theory and describe how you would apply the principles of this theory as a coach




Teams identified as dynasties are those who are perennial powers in their sport and contend for championships every year in a given period of time. Some identify that dynasties are made by putting the best athletes together; others argue that the right coaching is what makes dynasties work. Take one side of this argument and use concepts learned so far in this class to justify your answer






Is a truly successful team one that always wins? Can success be defined by individual achievement and enjoyment of the sport? Discuss how important or unimportant winning is when it comes to defining the success of a team. Use class concepts to demonstrate your point.






You are working with an athlete who is trying to become a better free throw shooter before basketball season. It is now June 1 and you have until October 1 to help this athlete meet his or her goal. 1. Set up a goal attainment timeline with at least 5 short-term goals. Use at least one outcome goal, one process goal, and one performance goal. Give specific dates by which these short-term goals should be met and build them up to the long-term goal.


Discuss the advantage of an athlete being intrinsically motivated as opposed to being extrinsically motivated. How can you intervene to help an athlete to change their motivational outlook?



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