Physics questions chapter 2. please answer ASAP

1. A bird can fly 29km/h …..How long does it take to fly 2.8km ?

2.A person jogs eight complete laps around a 400-m track in a total time of 15.4min .

Calculate the average speed, in m/s. and Calculate the average velocity, in m/s.


3. At highway speeds, a particular automobile is capable of an acceleration of about 2.0m/s2 .


At this rate, how long does it take to accelerate from 55
km/h to 120
km/h ?
4.A world-class sprinter can reach a top speed (of about 11.2
m/s ) in the first 18.0
m of a race.
What is the average acceleration of this sprinter? and How long does it take her to reach that speed?
Express your answer with the appropriate units.
5.A car slows down uniformly from a speed of 29.0
m/s to rest in 7.80
s .
How far did it travel in that time?
6.A car traveling 85
km/h slows down at a constant 0.54
m/s2 just by “letting up on the gas.”
Calculate the distance the car coasts before it stops.
Calculate the time it takes to stop.
Calculate the distance it travels during the first second.
Calculate the distance it travels during the fifth second.
Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.
7.A stone is dropped from the top of a cliff. It is seen to hit the ground below after 3.49
s .
How high is the cliff?
8.A kangaroo jumps straight up to a vertical height of 1.41
m .
How long was it in the air before returning to Earth?
9.A falling stone takes
Δt = 0.26
sto travel past a window

m tall (see the
(Figure 1) ).
From what height above the top of the window did the stone fall?
10.A stone is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 16.6
m/sfrom the edge of a cliff

m high
(Figure 1) .
How much later does it reach the bottom of the cliff? Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.
What is its speed just before hitting?
What total distance did it travel?




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