Leadership Analysis





Regardless of your business strategies, flawless execution and implementation is reliant on the leadership of your


organization. As the Assistant Director of Talent Development, you have been charged with analyzing a front line




1. Develop a clear picture of the skills, knowledge, experience, and personality attributes your leader needs


in order to excel in your organization and culture. Refer to readings, podcasts, or other external research


on this topic.


2. Identify a leader in your workplace to interview. It should be an individual who has been in a leadership


position for a minimum of two years. It is important to focus on both the individual’s overall concept of


leadership, standards for how that general view ought to be implemented, and the respondent’s


recollection of a specific incident when the concepts were applied. Use any of the theoretical frames in


your readings to guide the inquiry process. (Ethics, Decision Making, Motivation, Power and Politics,


Communication and Key leadership traits, styles and behaviors).


3. If you are not familiar with the process of conducting interviews, review any book on qualitative


research that contains information regarding basic techniques for conducting interviews. There are also


some Websites that might help you to get started:











4. Organize your interview beforehand.


5. Interview your selected leader.


6. Analyze the results of the interview.


Based on the skills, knowledge, experience, and personality attributes your leaders need to excel in your


organization outlined in step one and the results of the interview, write a report, to be submitted to your boss, The


VP of Talent Management, outlining the gap between actual and desired performance. The report should include an


introduction of the selected leader, a clear picture of the skills, knowledge and experience of the selected leader, a


conclusion and recommendations for improvement, as well as an appendix that has a copy of the interview










I work for Verizon, so something geared towards a call center would be applicable.


Paper must be completed by Tuesday, Feb 24th at  p.m. EST


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