RESPOND TO Dustin, Zakeyyah, Carlos. and Jamie post DUSTIN POST For about the last three years I worked for Lowe’s Home Improvement. Lowe’s mission is to “Together, deliver the right improvement products, with the best service and value, across every channel and community we serve.” Weekly, if not daily, the mission statement was laid upon us as managers to be the examples for our staff. This helped shape the culture of the store in a positive way. There was no question as to why we were there. How this was reinforced weekly, was through the Low Down, a weekly 30-minute televised show that aired new on Monday’s. Bill Boltz (Executive Vice President of Merchandising) and Joe Mcfarland III (Executive Vice President, Stores) are the usual presenters, and it is setup as a mock news channel show. The vision is cast weekly for what is up and coming, how to execute, and how to create involvement with our staff. After the show had aired, we as manager would have our weekly meeting where we would dive deeper into the specifics of our store. This helped us shape the weekly culture towards what was coming/expected. There were occasional weeks where the show was not aired, and those weeks seemed more discombobulated. I for one appreciated the top down view and know that it helped shape the organizational structure into what it is today. ZAKEYYAH POST I was thinking about the organization where I am employed. We really do not have a mission statement or vision statement. We provide an adult day services or home delivered meals. These programs give seniors the ability to socialize or if they can not get out receive meals. In the beginning the company could only reach specific communities. This was due to the lack of diversity. Since the company has been revamped we have been able to reach pout more. The staff is made up of different people with different ideas. We all bring something different ideas to the programs. Since we started collaborating we have been able to gain more clients. We come up with more ideas and promotions for the company. We go into the communities and they see all of the different faces and love it, This gives everyone a chance to be involved with the operation. This Director did not allow the company to be developed. This caused us to become stagnant in the business. She thought things should be done her way. Which was not a good way. The face of the company has changed and now we are thriving. Carls post   I believe that the most important factor in the human resources field is the ability to develop a well-thought-out plan. It all starts with an idea (vision), and through proper planning, this can be achieved by developing a well-thought-out plan to move any company (situation) to the next level of professionalism. Within the planning stage, there are several factors that come into play. Planning for long-term goals with selecting the proper individuals to fill the positions can become stressful but in the end, this planning will help the company become successful. In today’s day and age, it is difficult to retain quality employees. There’s always another company looking to benefit from underappreciated employees. The Human resources department must take proper measures to ensure the retention of these employees is a priority to not only the company but also to the employees. The kind of level of interest which a company expresses onto an employee show interest in the personal life of the employee and allows for the seasonal employee to have the option of a permanent position with the company. Jamie post   Even though every component of human resource management are all important, I am not able to narrow down which position has more value than the other. To have a successful business, in my opinion and based on the text just read everyone has to be knowledgeable within their position. As mentioned in the reading material a successful human resource management team are those who can qualify the right candidates, create a positive work environment amongst others, show value and appreciation to their employees and coworkers, while being aware and conscious of state and federal guidelines. These characteristics within any human resource team will most likely attract and retain employees, rather than being a company with a high turnover rate. Keeping the human resource team on a path of growth and development, then places them in that same position to do the same for their employees. You want employees to know and feel valued, for what they do to keep business intact and what they know to keep customers satisfied. Even though human resource teams develop and construct the platform for employees, its those who are initial points of contact who keep the company growing while developing a credible reputation. In response to Lena and Christina posts, choose a Realist work from this week’s module that also depicts Revolution/war (or anything related to it). Compare how the formal qualities in this work convey a different mood/tone than in your peers’ Romantic work. Consider the following questions: Are you able to connect with the figures in one work more than in the other (e.g., through eye contact, proximity to the viewer, etc.)? Do you feel more strongly about one than the other (angry/sad/shocked/hopeful/hopeless)? The idea here is to start a discussion about the various ways that Revolution/war is portrayed in Romantic and Realist art respectively through formal qualities. Lena post I chose An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging (1812) by Théodore Géricault. In this picture you can see defeat and victory, the guard on the Imperial horse has a stern look but also a look of relief that this particular war was over but also knowing there would be another day of battle due to the era of time, just not knowing when that day would come.  They talk about the sky looking threatening but that could be smoke from the battle or a storm coming. The colors are rich deep colors with a hint of light coloring. Christina post The artwork I chose is the Liberty Leading the People (1830) by Eugene Delacroix. This work of art shows Lady Liberty leading men into war with the French flag, being a symbol of strength; a symbol of France.The focal point of the painting is Lady Liberty being the light, bright and centered. The representation of war may look gruesome but the painting of Lady Liberty leading and supporting her people in war, shows the mood of death but the sense of relief.The emotion I feel viewing this painting, it gives you a feeling of power, leadership, and faith.When first seeing the painting of Liberty Leading the People, you first see a tall powerful woman as the focal point, with the harmony of the army around her. Thus creating a powerful feeling of overcoming war within.  In your respond to Elizabeth and Teresa post What specific technology platform would you recommend they consider in addition to the tool they mentioned in their initial post, and why do you think it is appropriate? What specific technology platform may not be well-suited to their scenario based on their initial post, and why do you think it is not appropriate Elizabeth post My prompt is “You have been asked to record a series of interviews with high-level executives while they are all visiting your branch this week, but the recordings would need to be shared one at a time, once a week, with all staff to watch at their convenience.”  In order to incentivize staff to watch one interview a week, I would use company wide email.  Every staff member would get the video that way.  The nice thing about email is you can leave it unopened and come back to it at a later time when it’s more convenient.  Regarding the audience, purpose and tone, executives should be asked questions submitted (via email) from employees in order to learn more about the company they’re employed by and how someone in their position can get to the level of executive.  Email is the best way to communicate in this case and will get the employees involved in the process of the interviews. Teresa post My scenario would be “You are going to start hosting a weekly discussion of trending topics in your field of study, and would like anyone interested to be able to access it whenever they want to listen.”  The technology-mediated channel I would consider using would be Youtube and/or Spotify, and other podcast hosting channels. These platforms are already very commonly used for these types of discussions so they would not be out of place at all, and because of how common it is, support for using them would be easily accessible. Others will also know to look for such podcast type material on these channels and it’s easily accessed at any time, regardless of when a post may have been made. They are also open to anyone who may be interested. Some key considerations would be access. Like stated before, anyone can access these sites as they would not be hidden behind a paywall or difficult to find. The technology used makes it easy to navigate as well, simply typing in the name of the discussion or keywords will bring up results and one only need to click play. Playlists can be made as well, ensuring anyone would be able to start from the beginning so that they will not miss out on context or needed background information. 

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