a 6-10 page research paper. This page count does not include images, a cover page, or your works cited.   Topic ideas Contemporary Asian Art Movements  Artist biography and overview  Art and culture along the Silk Road  Art and Kingship (politics and power; this would include propaganda)  Select one work of art and write a historiography  Cultural interplay and exchange (portable objects, diplomatic gifts, or trade items)  The role of art in religious devotion and ritual  Art as a tool for cultural normalization and standardization  Current challenges in Asian Art as a tool for communication Art  The evolution of an image/motif or iconography within a specific culture (e.g. Buddha in Thailand)  Destruction of historical artifacts and iconoclastic or political movements  Regional art, crafts, or ethnic art traditions  Research Paper Formatting Elements Your paper must follow an established writing style guide like MLA or Chicago.   The paper should be formatted according to academic paper standards and contain the following elements:  11- or 12-point font (sans serif, is idea, but not required – suggested fonts are Calibri, Cambria, Times, Arial) Double spaced with 1-inch or 0.5-inch margins  In-text citations using End or Footnotes (You must cite your sources, even those you read but are not quoting. These are works referenced and should always be included.  Bibliographical element (works cited, works referenced, etc.)  You must use scholarly sources, this means academic, peer-reviewed sources. Websites are insufficient, even if written and maintained by Dr. So-and-So. Peer-review means that other experts in the field have vetted the information and critiqued the veracity of the claims and content.  Examples of websites that do not count as academic or scholarly sources: Wikipedia, history.com, ancient.eu, quizlet.com, britanica.com, etc.  Page numbers  Thesis and at minimum three supports for the argument/thesis statement  At minimum, five paragraphs, each with sufficient transitions and supporting an element of the thesis  You must reference works of art, but you do NOT need to include a file of the image (jpeg, etc…) in the paper 

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