For this assignment I can use a teacher and family from my area. I will just change the names, that you use. 

4.4 Assignment: Beginning Your Family & Child Development and Resource Management Support Plan

Attached Files:

You will need to have access to a family with a child between birth to just completed 3rd grade, preferably not a close family member. You will want a family that you do not have close ties to, so that completing the Family Resource Map is a learning experience for you both. At the initial family meeting, you will ask for permission to conduct the project and observe child. Obtain in writing, permission to observe the child in the home and in the school. Observation forms should be available at this time to document parent approval and permission for you to observe the child in the home and/or school. A permission form for you to meet with the child’s teacher and interview him or her should be available at this time as well. All documents must be signed and dated at this time. The teacher’s signature (if child is in a program) will be added when that interview is conducted.

It is necessary to begin work now on another major project for this course, the Family & Child Development Support Plan. Specific directions for that are located in Course Project(s). For this beginning assignment you will 1) choose a willing family with a child between ages birth – eight (should not be someone with whom you have a close association) and briefly describe the child, the child’s age and any information you already know about the child and her/his family, 2) complete the family permission form to conduct your project and observe the child in the home and/or school setting, 3) complete a form to obtain permission to meet with the child’s teacher, 4) choose the observation form you will be using in your project, and 5) provide a tentative time line for interviews and project work that aligns with your course due dates to ensure success! Please include all information listed in the project in these forms (see Step 1 above) and include a place for your name, Student ID, College and signature.

In summary, make sure you attach all required elements as Word Documents or PDFs to this assignment before submitting: 1) child information, 2) parent permission form, 3) teacher observation permission form, 4) observation form, and 5) project time line.

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