GED 155 English English for Careers: Business, Professional, & Technical Text: Final 9th Edition, 2006 ISBN: 0-13-118386-9 Authors: Leila R. Smith Publisher: Prentice Hall 925 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 Phone: 714-547-9625 Fax: 714-547-5777 08/09 GED155 English Final Examination 1 Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1) A joining of two or more businesses into a single body is a(n) a) arbitration b) modem c) amalgamation d) bill of lading 2) A deficit is the opposite of a a) cash discount b) per capita c) beneficiary d) surplus 3) Five hundred sheets of paper is a a) ream b) tariff c) merger d) rider 4) An addition attached to the end of a document is called a a) verbatim b) rider c) byte d) litigation 5) A specified amount of money not subject to taxation is a(n) a) per capita b) exemption c) royalty d) lien 6) Mr. Smith’s secretary prepared a detailed ________ of the trip. a) itinerary b) itinary GED155 English Final Examination 2 7) Because their credit rating was so poor, they had to put up their savings as a) colatteral b) collateral 8) During a ________, stock prices are ________. a) merger; output b) bear market; expected to appreciate c) bull market; expected to appreciate d) litigation; gross income 9) The investors discovered that it was not a good time to make investments because of the ________ of the market. a) fluctuation b) fluxuation 10) The second largest stock exchange in the United States is the a) AMEX b) S&P 500 c) NASDAQ 11) Susan and Jack recently sold their home, and were surprised at how much equity they had in the home. This is an indication that the home had ________ in value. a) appreciated b) decreased c) reciprocated d) depreciated 12) The Governor spoke from the steps of the ________ about the ________ of the strike. a) Capital; effects b) Capital; affects c) Capitol; effects d) Capitol; affects 13) ________ calculator is not in ________ proper place? a) Whose; it’s b) Who’s; its c) Whose; its d) Who’s; it’s 14) ________ is excellent, and all things considered, ________ not a bad day. a) Moral; its b) Morale; its c) Moral; it’s d) Morale; it’s 15) While Alice was looking ________ Wonderland, she lost sight of ________. a) though; reality b) through; reality c) thorough; reality d) though; realty 16) Are you ________ sure that speeches will ________ the dinner? a) quite; precede b) quite; proceed c) quiet; proceed d) quiet; precede 17) Judy will go over the ________ aspects of the case with you this afternoon.. a) principal b) principle 18) I was amazed at the number of ________ offered this term. a) courses b) coarses 19) The instructor gave us the name of a wonderful ________ to visit on the Internet. a) cite b) site 20) Mrs. Adams baked a wonderful ________ for the birthday celebration. a) desert b) dessert 21) Jack needed more investment ________ to start his landscaping business. a) capitol b) capital 22) John will ________ the situation carefully. a) analyze b) analyse 23) Mary is ________ her major. a) changeing b) changing 24) A lexicographer is a person who a) censors reference books b) compiles dictionaries c) determines new ways to spell words d) is a very good writer 25) Which spelling is preferred in Standard English? a) alright b) all-right c) all right d) allright e) none of the above 26) You would not use IRREGARDLESS in a business letter because it is a) archaic b) nonstandard c) an adverb d) obsolete e) misspelled 27) A college dictionary is a) not suitable for on-the-job purposes b) also known as a “pocket” dictionary c) the most convenient kind for students to carry to classes d) unabridged e) abridged 28) Which of the following is NOT an abridged dictionary type? a) college b) encyclopedic c) electronic d) pocket e) composite 29) Which of the following memory devices is useful for remembering the correct spelling of privilege? a) pursue the purse snatcher b) has an ache because he’s sad to be single c) he fixed the dent d) has a leg in it e) your sister has a tent 30) Which of the following memory devices is useful for remembering the correct spelling of pursue? a) pursue the purse snatcher b) has an ache because he’s sad to be single c) your sister has a tent d) he fixed the dent e) has a leg in it 31) What is the meaning of faux pas? a) social etiquette b) social disaster c) social blunder d) social awareness 32) Which one names a person, place, or thing? a) preposition b) pronoun c) noun d) adverb e) adjective 33) Jose Lopez and Jesus Perez have their offices in the new building. HAVE is a(n): a) verb b) conjunction c) noun d) preposition e) adverb 34) Jose Lopez and Jesus Perez have their offices in the new building. OFFICES is a(n): a) adjective b) verb c) noun d) pronoun e) conjunction 35) Jose Lopez and Jesus Perez have their offices in the new building. IN is a(n): a) pronoun b) adjective c) adverb d) conjunction e) preposition 36) If you do not know to what port you are sailing, no wind is good. YOU is a(n): a) preposition b) noun c) adjective d) adverb e) pronoun 37) Leaders have a keen sense of fairness and justice. KEEN is a(n): a) adjective b) pronoun c) noun d) verb e) adverb 38) To know love is to experience the passion of a lifetime. The words “to love” and “to experience” are a) gerunds b) action verbs c) linking verbs d) infinitives 39) Josephine fell in love with Napoleon instantly and married him before he left to fight in the war. Josephine and Napoleon are a) gerunds b) common nouns c) proper nouns d) verbs e) infinitives 40) After the meeting, Constantine and Loretta quickly flew to Paris for the holi- day season. The word quickly is a) an adverb b) an adjective 41) The ________ of her college are planning to hold a reunion. a) alumnis b) alumnus c) alumnae d) alumnas e) alumna 42) The ________ have been notified of the meeting. a) stock holders b) stockholder’s c) stockholders d) stock-holders e) stockholders’ 43) Receipts from a shipping company listing the items to be shipped are called a) cargos b) bill of ladings c) embargoes d) bills-of-lading e) bills of lading 44) The most suitable expression listed here for referring to a female manager is a) manageress b) manager c) female manager d) lady manager e) managerette 45) Which word is correctly spelled? a) proxies b) accessoreys c) journies d) attornies e) authoritys 46) The new ________ is required a) hypothesum b) hypotheses c) hypothesi d) hypothesis 47) ________ are used to show the omission of letters or words. a) Ellipsis’ b) Ellipses’ c) Ellipsis d) Ellipses e) Ellipsises 48) When will your ________ return? a) sister-in-laws b) sisters-in-law c) sisters-in-laws d) sisters’-in-law e) sisters in law 49) Which of the following is the correct plural for the word authority? a) authorities’ b) authoritys c) authorities d) authority’s 50) Janice and ________ will give the flyers to ________ who wants them. a) him; anyone b) he; anyone c) him; any one d) he; any-one e) he; any one 51) ________ would you like to go with you when you and ________ give the deposition? a) Whom; her b) Who; her c) Who; she d) Whom; she 52) Which one is incorrect? a) He loves his wife more than she. b) I know the president better than him. c) He loves his wife more than her. d) I know the president better than he. e) none of the above 53) ________ work was checked except ________. a) No ones; yours b) No one’s; yours c) No one’s; your’s d) No ones’; yours e) No ones; your’s 54) Almost ________ work would be better than ________. a) anyones’; hers b) anyones’; hers’ c) anyone’s; hers d) anyone’s; her’s e) anyones; hers 55) Which one is correct? a) The company closed its offices. b) The company closed it’s offices. c) The company closed there offices. d) The company closed their offices. 56) The man ________ you should marry is the one ________ gave me the portfo- lio. a) who; who b) whom; whom c) whom; who d) who; whom 57) Which of the following is a subjective pronoun? a) her b) she c) him d) me e) them 58) Which one is correct? a) The bag of cement sunk in the deep water. b) She has ran away again. c) He had just began work. d) I took it with me. 59) Accuracy in figures ________ the expert accountant, and I have ________ two experts. a) marks; chosen b) mark; chose c) marks; chose d) mark; chosen 60) John and Sam _________ home from school each day. (present tense) a) walked b) walk c) walks 61) We ________ the service at noon each Friday. (present tense) a) begins b) begin c) begun d) began 62) The present form of the verb drink is a) drink b) drinks c) drank d) drunk e) A or B 63) David ________ to the movies with Sam. (simple past) a) went b) has gone c) goes 64) She is the ________ popular of the two girls. a) least b) lesser c) less d) none of the above 65) He is the ________ of the two brothers and the ________. a) younger; friendliest b) youngest; friendlier c) younger; friendlier d) youngest; friendliest 66) The stir-fried vegetables taste ________ and look ________ too. a) deliciously; good b) deliciously; well c) delicious; good d) delicious; well 67) Which of the following CANNOT be used as a pointing adjective? a) these b) this c) they d) that e) those 68) George is the ________ of all the Stafford brothers. a) wiser b) wisest 69) Dana works ________ ________ than Susan does. a) most efficiently b) more efficiently 70) Three ________ have offices in this building. a) CPAs b) CPAs’ c) CPS’s d) CPAS 71) The ________ invited us to dinner two ________ ago. a) Adamses; weeks’ b) Adamses’; weeks c) Adams’s; weeks’ d) Adamses; weeks e) Adams; weeks 72) We ________ pleased with the oldest ________ work habits. a) aren’t; brothers’ b) are’nt; brothers’ c) are’nt; brother’s d) aren’t; brother’s 73) One of this ________ duties is to keep a record of all ________ wages. a) agency’s; employees b) agencies’; employees c) agency’s; employee’s d) agency’s; employees’ e) agencys’; employees’ 74) The research _________ are all ________. a) chemists; MDs b) chemists; MDs’ c) chemists; MD’s d) chemists’; MDs e) chemist’s; MD’s 75) After a ________ consideration, I’ve decided to cross my ________. a) week’s; t’s b) weeks’; t’s c) weeks’; ts’ d) week’s; ts’ 76) Leaders take responsibility for themselves, their actions, and the results. a) correct b) fragment c) run-on d) comma splice 77) Mr. Hanson is out of town, however, we expect him back next week. This sentence is a) correct b) a fragment c) a run-on d) a comma splice 78) Although the artist painted four portraits of this lady, only one has been found. This sentence is a) correct b) a fragment c) a run-on d) a comma splice 79) I typed all the statistical reports in one day, thus I didn’t have time to proof- read them. This sentence is a) correct b) a fragment c) a run-on d) a comma splice 80) Although Washington was the founder of the country and Lincoln was the preserver. This sentence is a) correct b) a fragment c) a run-on d) a comma splice 81) Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a) Little Rock, Arkansas was the scene of tragedy and strife. b) Little Rock, Arkansas, was the scene of tragedy and strife. c) Little Rock, Arkansas, was the scene of tragedy, and strife. 82) Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a) They became ill during the long, and severe winter. b) They became ill during the long severe winter. c) They became ill during the long, severe winter. 83) Which sentence is correctly punctuated? a) Generally speaking, principals are responsible for the acts of their agents. b) Generally speaking, principals are, responsible for the acts of their agents. c) Generally speaking, principals are responsible, for the acts of their agents. 84) Which of the following is NOT considered to be a coordinate conjunction in business writing? a) but b) nor c) so d) for e) all of the above are coordinate conjunctions 85) Which of the following is NOT considered to be a short introductory expres- sion? a) no b) oh c) well d) okay e) yes 86) My father was a hard working man but didn’t earn much money. a) add – after HARD b) correctly punctuated c) add , after HARD d) add – after HARD and , after MAN e) change DIDN’T to DID NOT 87) Among her last words were, “I am settled in my own faith.” a) add “ after WORDS b) correctly punctuated c) add , after SETTLED d) change , to ; e) move . to after “ 88) The case against the Dallas based-company was handled in Seattle. a) add-after DALLAS and BASED b) add-after DALLAS and , after COMPANY c) add-after DALLAS d) correctly punctuated e) add , after COMPANY 89) Ms. Blake asked me whether I would attend the conference? a) add , after ME b) add , after BLAKE c) change ? to . d) correctly punctuated e) add “ after ME and CONFERENCE 90) Which of the following are used for titles of subdivisions of published works? a) commas b) quotation marks c) semi-colons d) colons 91) The new drug proved to be highly effective, it has no side effects. a) properly constructed sentence b) comma splice c) dangler d) has unclear pronoun e) lacks parallel parts 92) Since I no longer maintain an office downtown for working on this kind of project. a) properly constructed sentence b) misplaced part c) dangler d) fragment e) run-on 93) Being unable to type the letter, the boss fired me. a) properly constructed sentence b) comma splice c) fragment d) misplaced part e) dangler 94) Avoid run-on sentences by a) using a comma and a coordinate conjunction b) writing each independent clause as a separate sentence c) changing one of the independent clauses to a dependent clause or phrase d) inserting a semicolon followed by a transitional expression e) any of the above 95) Business writing that contains needlessly long words, superfluous words, and complicated sentence structure is known as a) gobbledygook b) choppy c) concise 96) It is absolutely essential that each and every package be square in shape. The preceding sentence is an example of business writing that is a) positive b) too informal c) redundant d) negative e) too formal 97) Which is preferable for paragraphing a business letter? a) first and last longest b) first and second shortest c) first shortest and last longest d) first and last shortest 98) A properly folded letter for a small business envelope has a) four creases b) one crease c) three-creases d) two creases e) none of the above 99) Which is an acceptable punctuation format with the full block letter style? a) simplified punctuation only b) closed punctuation c) standard punctuation only d) open punctuation only e) either open or standard punctuation 100) The most frequently seen business letter styles are a) indented and full block b) indented and modified block c) modified block and full block d) none of the above


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