Assignment 1  Write a reaction to the article on adolesence presented below with a minimum of 150 words. This assignment is worth 50% of your Discussion grade. It will be posted for your peers to read. In the follow up discussion on these postings your will cite 3 students responses and state your thoughts related to the students responses. Adolescence is the successful product of numerous generations of evolutionary memoirs. They are the children of particular parents with their own backgrounds and ideas about child nurturing. They have their own exclusive sets of experiences and their ways of understanding and reacting to those experiences. Adolescents need room by parents to open up, mature and grow. However, this is a unique time in their life, so parental control is not as clear. I strongly agree as the article mentioned that parenting behavior that was high in demandingness and responsiveness can result in better outcomes for children. When parents are demanding and stricter on adolescent they will be less involved in criminal behaviors. Antisocial performance may be a typical part of growing up or the beginning of a enduring pattern of criminal activity. The United Nations Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency stated that “youthful behavior or conduct that does not conform to overall social norms and values is often part of the maturation and growth process and tends to disappear spontaneously in most individuals with the transition to adulthood.”  When children become adolescents, they look to make more decisions with friends and a lot of mistakes also. They want more privilege and want to act on their decision making. On the other hand, parental control during this time can influence a power struggle and divergence between parents and adolescents. Because they are not full matured, they are prone to chancy behavior.  The article makes a good point that studying delinquency in young adulthood, females describe a lower level of delinquency and younger age was linked with more delinquent behavior. Suddenly, parents’ college education was absolutely linked with delinquency in young adulthood. The findings suggest that parental control is still significant through the period of adolescence and early parental control is still important in young adulthood. Assignment 2   our weekly discussion posts should be 300 to 400 words. Please post your original post by Wednesday night to allow peers the opportunity to respond. Additionally, you are required to post at least two responses to peers’ discussion posts by Sunday at 11:59 PM. Part 1: By Wednesday night: Select and Answer the following: Consider the “customer’s view of a price.” Identify a product or service category and select one company that employs a low-cost strategy and another that employs a premium-priced strategy. They are in the same category, but they really don’t compete do they? For example, Kia and BMW sedans. Assess and critique each company you selected in terms of the following: What 3-4 words would do you think their customers would use to describe the benefits of the product or service? How you think each company’s customers would define “quality?” How would you describe each company’s target audience? Assignment 3   To complete this discussion activity, you will do the following: 1.  In your textbook, read Native American Oral Literature from The Winnebago Trickster Cycle, “Trickster and the Talking Bulb.” 2.  Write a well-developed paragraph that discusses at least one interesting detail from the assigned reading and explain how the reading connects to the  characteristic of literature written from the beginnings to 1820.  You may review the overview document to see the characteristics of literature  AMERICAN LITERATURE BEGINNINGS TO 1820 PERIOD INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW.  On the overview document, please scroll down the page far enough to read about the literary characteristics.

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