DIRECTIONS            In Chapter 1 of Ruggiero’s Beyond Feelings (BF) (THIS BOOK IS ATTACHED), the author discusses how the factors of time, place, mass culture, “science,” and psychology influence one’s perceptions of reality.  We have also examined how confirmation bias, logical fallacies, and problematic types of thinking, such as ethnocentrism or egocentrism, can skew one’s reality and perception of others.  There are many consequences to these types of thinking, which makes it important to practice logical, rational critical analysis. Choose one text from Marquez: PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK IN ORDER TO CHOOSE A TEXT:   and analyze how 2-3 of the concepts listed below manifest in a character’s or characters’ decisions and/or perceptions of their environment. In other words, how do these concepts below play out in the story? Concepts Characteristics discussed in BF Chapter 1 Kinds of Thinking (sociocentric, ethnocentric, egocentric) Lack of intellectual Traits Groupthink Confirmation Bias Any Logical Fallacy WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS? Length: Write 950 words minimum, single-spaced. This looks like 1.5 pages single-spaced (falling under the word count will receive an F or lower with only the opportunity for a 15% increase on the revision). Analysis: Include specific examples from the literary text that support your main points. This is vital to a clear, well-supported paper. Do not quote more than one line from the story when you use textual support in a paragraph. Use “snippets” instead. See the Quoting PPT in the Essay Resources page for help. Include thorough analysis of the implications and significance of all of your findings. Sources: Use only two sources from our class readings, used only when necessary to support your points. Do not use outside sources. Use MLA format to cite outside information. See the MLA PPT and the Quoting PPT in the Essay Resources page for help.  Avoid personal pronouns and personal examples. This means that you will completely avoid personal language like “I, we, you, my”.  Visit the Academic Language page for more clarity. Works Cited: Include a Works Cited page. To view a sample Works Cited page, click here. Use the Essay Resources page to help you cite correctly.  Submitting the Essay: Copy/Paste the entire Essay 1 Grading Rubric on the last page of your essay. Submit the essay as a Microsoft Word Document, single-spaced. Microsoft Word is free when you access your student email. This is explained in the Essay 1 Powerpoint. Review the Academic Honesty & Plagiarism page. Any plagiarism detected in this paper will earn zero points without the possibility for revision. If you need help regarding plagiarism issues, reach out to your instructor or an on-duty instructor in the WRC.  HOW WILL THIS ESSAY BE GRADED? You must copy/paste the Essay 1 Grading Rubric (IT IS ATTACHED PLEASE SEE) Actions onto your essay’s last page before you submit it. The rubric indicates that the essay grade will be based on these areas:  Length: Essay meets the length requirements MLA Format: Essay follows visual MLA format indicated in the Essay 1 PowerPoint Organization & Structure: Essay follows the structure indicated in the E1 PowerPoint Clear thesis w/ listed concepts Transitions and topic sentences Explanation of concept Specific examples of the concept Elaboration/Analysis & Significance of the concept Sources: Essay uses/introduces/integrate only two sources specifically from class readings correctly according to the MLA and Quoting PowerPoints. Academic Language: Essay uses academic language as specified in the Academic Language page Clarity: Essay is generally clear and understandable, free of grammatical errors Works Cited Page: Works Cited page includes and correctly cites all sources used in the essay FEEDBACK FROM INSTRUCTOR: Please see the Essay 1 Directions which require you to copy/paste the Essay 1 Grading Rubric onto your essay’s last page before you submit it. The rubric indicates that the essay grade will be based on specific areas. It is not pasted here so I cannot give thorough feedback.    • It looks like you have some good discussion here about problematic thinking concepts; however, refer back to the Essay 1 Directions and Essay 1 PPT to see the basic structure that this essay requires, and the need to textual evidence and MLA citations/formatting, and 2 source requirement.      Instructor commentary is on the actual essay document. PLEASE SEE IT. I HAVE ATTACHED IT. 

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