I need this paper by June 4.Annotated Bibliography Wilson, Jeffery.  “Acid Rain in the Twenty-First Century.”  Journal of Modern Environmental Science       June 4 2008: 350-390.  Pro Quest.   Web.   25 Oct. 2012.  . According to Jeffery Wilson, Ph.d in Environmental Sciences, in his article “Acid Rain in the Twenty-First Century” agricultural run-off, industrial dumping, and acid rain are the three main reasons for the decline in the water systems in the world.  First, he states that agricultural run-off has contaminated at least 25% of the water supplies in Southern America (351).  For example, when the pond water from local ponds was tested in June 2007, scientists found that an overgrowth of algae due to the contamination of over fertilization had caused one-half of the fish that normally habitat the area to be non-existent (350).  Second, he admonishes that industrialized dumping has shown to have affected water supplies in all regions of the country (358). For instance, added to the list of rivers contaminated by this procedure is the _______ in which numbers of fish were found floating just below the site of the company, yet the fish were healthy and plentiful in the waters before reaching the site of the company (353).  Finally, he notes that acid rain due to car emissions and industrial smokestacks that emit poisons into the air are also contributing to the decreasing health of fresh water (351).   For example, when rain water was tested in 2011, there was a thirty-three percent correlation between the amount of acid found within the water to the acid found within the water supplies in areas in which it had rained when the water and the rain were tested at the same time (378).   Therefore, this article will be helpful in proving that the habits of the agricultural, industrialized, and automotive industries should be modified in order to save the earth’s water supplies and thus humanity. Zetterfield, Sally.  “No Time to Waste in Saving Our Water Supplies.”  Journal of the World and the      Environment.   April 2 2006: 25-30.  Ebsco Host. Web.  19 Mar. 2013. .              Sally Zetterfield, Professor at ______, in her article “No Time to Waste in Saving Our WaterSupplies,” states that agricultural run-off, industrialized dumping, and acid rain   should be of  concern when analyzing the ever growing problem of water pollution.  First, she states that inthe state of _______, the water supplies near the  _______ were found to have contaminates that could eventually lead to the water in the area being considered undrinkable, once again indicating that the farming system may be unknowingly causing harm to society’s very needed water supply and must be investigated if humanity is going to survive (28).   Next, she states….continue as with example 1.  Your sources will include one.gov article (USA.gov); one journal article from GALILEO (Ebsco Host or Proquest; one book or one essay from a book of essays from  E-Books; one article from Fed Stats; one website that discusses three organizations that sponsor the human interest cause for which you are researching, and any other sources of your choosing, except Wikipedia, which should not be included in your source work;    If you are working on the Death Penalty Project, you will include one item from The Innocence Project;  one article from Fed Stats, one article from Death Penalty.org,  and both the Bruck and the Koch Essays instead; and any other sources of your choosing, except Wikipedia, which should not be included in your source work.  Directions for research can be found in the Research Tips included in your folder.  Articles must be 7+ pages and no more than 10 years in publication. Examples should be a combination of statistics and persons to whom or places at which what you are describing has happened.

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