English 1B  Writing Assignment #3: Drama  For our third essay you will focus on one of the several plays we have read in the section on drama. Specifically, you are to choose one from among the following options:   Trifles  1. Number 13 on page 980 – contrast between the play and the short story.  2. Number 2 on page 980 under “Connections to Other Selections” – views on marriage in Trifles and Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour.”  3. Number 3 on page 980 under “Connections to Other Selections” – comparing  Mrs. Wright’s motivation for murder with that of Matt Fowler in Andre Dubus’s short story “Killings.”   The Pitch  4.  Number 1 on page 1002 under “Connection to Another Selection” – Does Ives’s play Moby-Dude fill George’s prescription that a story be about “nothing”?   Othello the Moor of Venice  5. Number 1 on page 1153 under “Connections to Other Selections” – comparing Desdemona and Nora in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House (which we will be reading shortly).  6. Read the section on psychological criticism (p. 1363-65) in Chapter 47, Critical Strategies for Reading.” Choose a soliloquy by Iago and write an analysis of it so that you reveal some significant portion of his character that explains his behavior.  Please read the entire prompt before starting your essay. The references above, except for number six, are condensations of the actual writing assignment.  The working assumption is that you will quote from the play to support your points. You can also use the criticism that follows several of the selections we have read. You can also, if you so choose, do some library and on-line research to further support your analysis.  The format, as for all college writing, is MLA. This, of course, means that all sources will be properly documented and cross referenced with a works cited page. The length of the paper is to be a minimum of five full pages NOT including the works cited page.  The final draft is due Saturday, 7/18. No final draft will be accepted without three distinct rough drafts, outline, editing checklist, and proofing checklist.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Outline  (submitted outline must be typed)  Name_________________________  I. Introduction (note: the introduction can be more than one paragraph)  A. Hook (something to draw the reader in)  ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________  B. Necessary Background  ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________  C. Thesis  ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________  D. Plan of Development  ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________  II. Body Paragraphs (note: there can be more than three supporting points and supporting points can be more than one paragraph)  A.  First supporting point ____________________________________________  1. Details__________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________  B. Second supporting point___________________________________________ 1. Details____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________  C. Third supporting point __________________________________________  1. Details____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________  III. Conclusion  (a predominant feeling, impression, or message I want to leave my reader with about my analysis)  __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

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