Imagine you have never heard of Public Health or the AID epidemic. You come from a region of the universe that has no equivalent terminology or service that mirrors the US Department of Public Health. Based on the course materials to date, create a brochure (up to 2 pages) that describes the mission, roles and responsibilities, and approaches and common terminology used in Public Health with respect to HIV/AIDS. The public health focus should be on one of the following topics: Key affected populations Gender Inequality HIV Stigma and Discrimination Human Rights and HIV Homophobia, Transphobia, non-Binary Phobia Following the creation of your brochure (due week 5), create a PSA (due week 10) to generate awareness or create a shift in public opinion about a social issue; in this case HIV/AIDS. A successful PSA catches the attention of the listener or viewer. It is specific and its ultimate goal is to raise awareness, change public attitudes and/or behavior. You will submit your brochure on Canvas AND convert the information into an audio or video public service announcement (PSA). As you create it, try to be as comprehensive as possible while not overwhelming your reader. The more complete this brochure is the easier it will be to convert it to a script for an audio PSA or, if you are up for a creative challenge, create a video PSA!!! Guidelines For Brochure Your brochure should exhibit careful thought, logical progression and demonstration of Public Health. It needs to be a product that anyone can pick up and after they have reviewed it are able to understand and articulate the basic premises of Public Health. You do not have to rely completely on words! Feel free to use images and other relevant information that you feel effectively convey your point. Be aware of content or images that might encourage stigma or discriminatory practices. Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Effective communication is critical. Refer to the CDC: Simply Put – A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials The quality and quantity of the information you provide can either draw a person in or drive them away. Here are 7 things to consider when approaching writing: Be concise – Only say what you need to say and no more. Write clearly – Make sure what your write makes sense. Be thorough- Be complete and provide your reader with the information they require. Be accurate – No grammatical and/or factual errors. Be coherent – Make sure there is a logical flow from point to point. Be consistent – Spelling, punctuation, headings, bullet points, fonts. Check your writing – Read it out loud to yourself!! Any written assignment must be in the student’s voice. The use of lengthy quotes or lists obtained from resources are not acceptable. If you feel you need to use quotes make sure they are brief and in APA format. Instructions for PSA Your charge now is to create a 45-60 second PSA (audio or visual) based on your brochure topic. You are encouraged to think about the topics we discussed since week 5 and how they may influence both the information you wish to present but the format of its presentation. This weeks module includes a variety of information sources and examples that will help you think about your approach. You can either develop an audio or visual PSA. Have fun with it, be creative and unique!! That being said, it is important that you be articulate, fact-based, address your specific audience and you provide follow up information where your listener/viewer can go for additional information. How it will work You have collected a great deal of information. For your PSA what you want to do is concentrate on what you’ve learned. It is important to identify what aspects of that information are critical to convey WHY the message is important to listeners NOW Given that in today’s world a person is subjected to SO MUCH information in a day  – How are you going to make sure your message is heard?  Consider this: What is your Single Overarching Communication Outcome (SOCO) Step 1: What is your issue? Step 2: Why do you want to focus on this issue and why now?  Step 3: Who needs to change behavior (target audience)? Step 4: What is the change that you want to see in your audience as a result of your communications (THIS IS YOUR SOCO)  The SOCO is the outcome or change you want to see. The SOCO is not your message.  The PSA The goal of a PSA is simple: To get someone to take a specific action. A PSA is nothing more than a conversation with the audience. Your PSA must: • Attract the attention of your target audience Speak to the audience in their own language Relate to the audience’s lives Deliver a single core message Deliver the message with clarity Motivate the audience to act. Tip! The following article How to Create the perfect Public Service Announcement (Links to an external site.) will you begin to think about your script.

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