Your work this week will conclude with the submission of your Final Portfolio. The Final Portfolio will contain copies of your work in all three genres (fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry). It is not just a collection of final drafts, but a representation of the level to which you engaged the writing process in each genre. As such, you will be compiling all three drafts (initial draft, revised draft, and a portfolio draft) for each genre. Each subsequent draft must demonstrate substantial revision as you refine your work toward inclusion in the portfolio. This is your final opportunity to strengthen word choice, imagery, and thematic elements and correct mechanical errors, spelling, and punctuation. In addition, building from the questions examined in this week’s module, you must compose and include as part of the portfolio a reflection in which you examine what creative writing means to you. Again, the Final Portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your most polished work from the term. The pieces you include here represent your best vision of fully realized and compelling creative work. What Goes in a Final Portfolio? Below is an outline of the portfolio contents. These eight sections should be organized as follows: Cover page that includes an original title for your portfolio, as well as your name. Dedication page that dedicates the writing you did during the term to someone who inspires you. Table of Contents, which lists the contents of your portfolio with page numbers. Introduction/Self-Assessment is an opportunity to reflect on the course, as well as what you believe your final grade should be based on the work you produced. Tell me what worked in the course for you, what you would change, etc. Most students write a paragraph or so for this part.  Fiction: Include your initial draft, revised draft, and final revision. The final revision you include will be a representation of your best work. Creative Nonfiction: Include your initial draft, revised draft, and final revision. The final revision you include will be a representation of your best work. Poetry Collection: Include your initial draft, revised draft, and final revision. The final revision you include will be a representation of your best work. Other Writing Assignments: Please pick four of your minor weekly assignments and include them in the final portfolio. These should be the submissions that you are most proud of, and believe represent some of your best work this term. Please revise these and make sure they are free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Your discussion board prompts can be from any week and any assignment. How should you think about revising your portfolio? This is a creative class. You are the creator. For the portfolio, you will decide what needs revising and what should remain as is. But please, challenge yourself. Remember that writing is a process, so no work is ever really finished. But with the term lasting only seven weeks, we must present our work in whatever way we feel works best for our creative process. The copies included in the portfolio should be fresh copies without markings on them.  How long should your portfolio be? You may be wondering, “How long does this stuff have to be?” In reality, there is no page length requirement. As long as you have the necessary components in this portfolio, it will be as long as it needs to be. I know that may not be specific enough for some people, but use the feedback you received over the course of the term to help dictate what you may need to do to craft a final portfolio that represents your best work. Final Thoughts A portfolio is ONE document. I will not go looking for previously submitted work. It is your responsibility to compile everything as assigned.  As the directions outline, you should submit all pieces in the order written. You can simply write the name of the story or poem on the top of the page that your story or poem is written on. Be sure to have proofread your final drafts. Make them as perfect as can be. You don’t want a silly typo distracting your readers from an otherwise wonderfully, fully developed piece of writing. Portfolios will not be returned or commented on as final grades are due shortly after the portfolios are submitted. I will read through your work and determine final grades based on the evaluation of your work throughout the term.

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