Final Paper Assignment – Rhetorical Analysis Read “10,000 Hours” in the Evergreen textbook on pages 576-578. Write a rhetorical analysis essay exploring and examining Gladwell’s goal and purpose for writing this article. Remember, this is not a research paper, but a rhetorical analysis. You are not arguing whether you agree with the topic, but rather evaluating how, where, and why the writing is effective or not in its purpose. In your paper, you need the following items: 1. An organized introduction with a clear thesis statement 2. Body paragraphs that support your thesis statement a. Use examples from the article 3. An organized conclusion  Your paper must adhere to the following guidelines:  · 2 to 3 pages in length, excluding the Works Cited page · Double-spaced, Times New Roman/Calibri, 12-point font · MLA format · 1-inch margins · Use MLA in-text citations for the selection in the Evergreen textbook · Have a Works Cited page for the selection in the Evergreen textbook · Use correct punctuation and grammar · Use complete sentences in active voice · Submit a rough draft to and provide the feedback form (the Word doc) · Submit your final paper to SafeAssign on Blackboard   ENG1100 Final Paper Rubric    Advanced (4 pts) Proficient (3 pts) Basic (2 pts) Beginning (1 pt)   MLA Format -No MLA format errors -One to two MLA format   errors -Three to four MLA format   errors -Five or more MLA format   errors   Spelling  -No spelling errors -One to two spelling errors -Three to four spelling   errors -Five or more spelling   errors   Sentence Structure  -No passive voice -No fragments -No run-ons -One to two passive voice   sentences -One to two fragments -One to two run-ons -Three to four passive   voice sentences -Three to four fragments -Three to four run-ons -Five or more passive voice   sentences -Five or more fragments -Five or more run-ons   Grammar (e.g., subject-verb agreement) -Less than four grammatical   errors -Four to seven grammatical   errors -Eight to eleven grammatical   errors -Twelve or more grammatical   errors   Punctuation (e.g., comma usage) -Less than four punctuation   errors -Four to seven punctuation   errors -Eight to eleven   punctuation errors -Twelve or more punctuation   errors   Introduction  -Grabs reader’s attention -Introduces topic -Has clear thesis statement   for assignment -Missing one of the three   items -One item is inadequate -Missing two of the three   items -Two items are inadequate -Missing all three items -Three items are inadequate   Organization  -Each body paragraph has a   topic sentence -Each body paragraph has   support for the claim -Missing a topic sentence   in one body paragraph -Missing support in one   body paragraph -Missing topic sentences in   two body paragraphs -Missing support in two   body paragraphs -Missing topic sentences in   all paragraphs -Missing support in all   body paragraphs   Flow -Transitions from every   paragraph to the next -Missing a transition from   one paragraph to the next -Missing transitions from   two paragraphs to the next -Missing transitions   between all paragraphs   Idea Development -All body paragraphs   support the thesis statement -One body paragraph fails   to support the thesis statement -Two body paragraphs fail   to support the thesis statement -None of the body   paragraphs support the thesis statement    Conclusion  -Restates thesis -Summarizes body -Explains relevance of   topic -Missing one of the three   items -One item is inadequate -Missing two of the three   items -Two items are inadequate -Missing all three items -Three items are inadequate

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